Welcome to Genotype Cats - Ragdoll Cats

Welcome to Genotype Cats - Ragdoll Cats

Welcome to Genotype Cats - Ragdoll CatsWelcome to Genotype Cats - Ragdoll CatsWelcome to Genotype Cats - Ragdoll Cats

About Us

Kristy - Educated Breeder

Kristy Marson, breeder/owner of Genotype Cats - Ragdoll Cats, nose-to-nose with a blue bicolor kitty

I became infatuated with ragdolls when I stumbled across an ad. in the newspaper classifieds while staying with my grandparents one summer when I was 8 years old. I subsequently read everything I could about them in every cat book in the school library where my grandmama taught and knew that I would someday have one! Many years later, after and while attaining degrees in biology/zolology, pre-veterinary medicine, animal training and management, behavior modification, wildlife education, reproduction & endocrinology (masters) and animal behavior (masters), I established my breeding program for ragdolls in 2013.  

Happy, Healthy Bloodlines

Blue lynx bicolor ragdoll kitten showing off the stellar quality of the Genotype Cats ragdoll kitten

My breeding cats are so much more than breeders, they are pets and family! My cats and kittens are raised freely in my home along with their European cream golden retriever pals! My breeders come from all over the world; I have sent my parents to carry kittens back from stellar show catteries in Italy, Greece, and Germany and have flown kittens in from New Zealand! The integration of international lines with those I have worked with from within the USA keeps genetic diversity high and that is known to improve offspring immune system function. 

A Furever Friend

Seal mink mitted ragdoll kitten from Genotype Cats exploring the dash of a vehicle with rain drops!

The solicitous dog-like personality of the breed is everything I had hoped for way back when I was 8! While ragdolls have an innate/genetic-basis for their relaxed, calm, and gentle nature, their rearing conditions absolutely play a significant role in shaping their personable loving behavior. Having the opportunity to experience all that living in a home brings early in life helps to create confidence and affiliative behavior which both set up your kitten to integrate into a new home environment and reduce stress in that and under any unique conditions which ultimately supports a healthy and strong immune system (because stress integrates with the immune system and can weaken it's ability to be responsive to minor pathogen exposure). 

Available Kittens

Current Kittens

A couch full of ragdoll kittens at Genotype Cats in Tuscaloosa AL, tortie, bicolor, colorpoint, mink

Find your purrfect snuggle buddy in one of our soft, fluffy ragdoll kittens raised under-foot and loved on daily!


Cream mink mitted radgoll with gorgeous teal eyes matching the flamingo print outdoor lounge cushion

Get first hand opinions of how our kittens and I have impacted our customers!

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Genotype Cats - Ragdoll Cats

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